NFT Staking

The NFT Staking feature only supports the Ethereum network currently.

After logging in to the website, you can stake your Mia PFP NFTs on the STAR BANK page. The amount of STAR Coins generated daily varies depending on the number and duration of staking. These STAR Coins can be redeemed for Whitelists, NFTs, etc., or USDTs in specific events.

The total number of STAR Coins is updated daily at 0:00 UTC. The more PFP NFT staked and the longer the staking lasts, the more coins will be generated.

How to stake an NFT?

1. Install Metamask Coinbase Wallet, etc., on your browser or phone.

2. Get your own Ethereum address (address format starts with 0x).

3. Purchase Mia PFP NFTs from OpenSea: Mia - MeStar Official.

4. Register an account on the website ( or quick login with your wallet).

5. After logging in, go to STAR Bank.

6. Press the Stake now button below the NFT Deposit, and select a Mia NFT for staking.

7. The wallet will pop up after clicking the Stake button. Click the Confirm button to authorize the following operation.

8. After completing the authorization, you need to click Stack again and re-confirm when the wallet pops up to proceed with the staking transfer.

9. A prompt will pop up when the staking is completed.

10. Thirty seconds later, you can review the in-staking NFTs by clicking Verify button. The staking income and total coins will be updated every day. The Star Shop on the right will display product information for redeeming with coins.

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