Create Wallet (Web3 / NFT)

Suppose you want to experience the functions related to cryptocurrency and NFT. Players must create a blockchain wallet that supports Ethereum (ETH) or Polygon (MATIC). Blockchain wallets are accessible on both PC and mobile devices. We recommend using MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet to manage your cryptocurrency or NFT assets.

When using a blockchain wallet, please note the following:

  • Only download or install the latest version of the wallet applications from the official channels.

  • ✅ Take good care of the Secret Recovery Phrase and the private key used to retrieve the wallet.

  • ❌ Do not reveal your Secret Recovery Phrase or private key to anyone.

  • ❌ Do not enter your Secret Recovery Phrase or private key on any third-party website.

  • ❌ Do not connect or sign in to your wallet address on a website of an anonymous project.

Create on PC

1. Use any of the browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge, or Opera (recommend Chrome).

2. Install an extension of MetaMask on the official MetaMask website.

3. Start creating a wallet on a Pop-up page of MetaMask.

4. Read the safety tips carefully and confirm your acknowledgment.

5. Suppose you have a MetaMask wallet already and have recorded the private key and Secret Recovery Phrase. In that case, you can click to import the wallet. If this is your first time using or creating it, you need to create a wallet.

6. Set the login password (only for the verification of accessing the MetaMask wallet address on the current device).

7. A text box of the Secret Recovery Phrase will appear after creation. Please take good care of the 12 words in the Secret Recovery Phrase in order. Once lost or leaked, the assets stored in this wallet address will be completely lost. After clicking Next, you must go through a verification process to ensure that you have saved the Secret Recovery Phrase.

8. After creation, you can go to the MeStar website to bind your wallet with your MeStar account, thus starting your Web3 journey.

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