Instead of the word roadmap, we prefer to call it Work Sheet. We will keep the roadmap updated and develop a flexible long-term blueprint, which will help us formulate our work items (phased road map) according to genuine feedback from the community and the market in promoting the overall goal.
In this process, we will add new work items at any time. We believe that laying a good foundation in the early stage will contribute to the expansion in the future.

Game Client

Alpha Version v0.1~0.6

  • Technology Demonstration Demo(Alpha 0.1)
  • Vision Effect, Rendering Optimization(Alpha 0.2)
  • Terrain Autosave, Menu(Alpha 0.3)
  • Terrain Generation of Basic Scenes, Items(Alpha 0.4)
  • Model Display, Motion Optimization(Alpha 0.4.1)
  • Servers Supporting Multiplayer games (Alpha 0.5)
  • Time and light system (Alpha 0.5.1)
  • New Index Interface (Alpha 0.5.1)
  • New Game Interface (Alpha 0.5.2)
  • Blocks in custom solid colors (Alpha 0.5.2)
  • The first in-game Avatar (Alpha 0.5.3)
  • Basic Natural Terrains (Alpha 0.5.3)
  • Blueprint Feature (Alpha 0.5.3)
  • Basic Particle Effects (Alpha 0.5.4)
  • Self-service Account System (Alpha 0.5.4)
  • External Map Import from open-source bases (Alpha 0.5.4)
  • Higher Speed of Map Loading (Alpha 0.5.5)
  • Better Game Terrains
  • Blocks in particular shapes
  • More In-game Blocks

Alpha Version v0.7~0.9

  • Land Gameplay (test)
  • Land Gameplay (official)
  • Overview Map
  • In-game Water Flow Effect
  • Token Wallet System
  • NFT Minting
  • Example Server with Multiple Gameplay (multiplayer)
  • Example Server with Economy mode (multiplayer)
  • World NFT Generation, Smart Contract Testing
  • World NFT Server Opening Tool
  • World NFT One-click Gameplay Kit

  • v1.0 Official Website design and Launch (Presentational)
  • v1.5 Official Website Upgrade to Support Interactive Features
  • Account System
  • Blueprint (Cloud)
  • Mission Rewards System
  • Mia-Gem (Phase 1)
  • Wallet System (Polygon / Ethereum)
  • Mia PFP NFTs
  • Milo PFP NFTs
  • Land NFTs
  • Blueprint NFT Minting
  • v2.0 Official Website Design and Launch
  • World NFT Display, Operation Background
  • World NFT INO
  • Committee (Management of Assets)