1. Enter the MeStar Website (

2. Click Sign Up Now or Sign Up

3. We support flexible registration methods, including Email, Google, Apple, and MetaMask. When signing in with Google, Apple, and MetaMask, the MeStar account will be automatically bound to your external account. ( Users must click the checkbox to confirm the agreement to the Terms of Use. )

4. If you choose to sign in with Apple, Google, or MetaMask, you will be directed to a selection page. You can either create a MeStar account or Link an existing MeStar account.

5. You need to enter an email address, user name, and password on the creation page and pick a gender for your in-game avatar. The user name should be 3 to 16 digits and only contains numbers, letters, or underscores. The password should be 7 to 32 digits and only contains numbers and letters.

6. After registration, it will jump to the Assets (NFT) page. You can click Account in the left menu if you want to change the email address, user name, or other account information.

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