The Blueprint is an essential innovative feature within the MeStar game client. It includes two sections: Local Blueprint and Cloud Blueprint.

To Create and Apply the Local Blueprint

· Press the [R] key in the game to open the Local Blueprint page, then click [New Blueprint] to start drawing out a new Blueprint.

· In the creating mode, click the right button to select the starting point and then move the mouse to draw out a 3D item no more than 32x32x64 in length, width, and height. Click the right button again to confirm the selection.

· After confirming the Blueprint selection, it will automatically jump to the creation page. Players can name and edit the description of the new Blueprint item or check its properties and volume data. When done editing, click the [Create] button to confirm the creation.

· It will return to the Local Blueprint page after completing the Blueprint item creation. To begin applying a Blueprint item, double-click the title bar or click the bar once and then click the [Apply] button.

· When applying, click the right button to select a placing point and check the position preview. If you are satisfied with the placement, click again to confirm the application. If not, click the left button to cancel the placement and re-adjust by changing your position and orientation.

To Upload a Blueprint Item from Local to the Cloud

· Players can upload Blueprint items from Local to the Cloud when logging into the game account and connecting to the Internet.

​· After initiating the upload request, players need to select a snapshot of the Blueprint item as its thumbnail in Cloud storage.

· Once the thumbnail is selected, the Blueprint item will automatically start uploading until the upload result prompt appears, which indicates that the item has been uploaded successfully.

· From now on, players can access and apply their Cloud Blueprint items from different devices as long as they log in to the same MeStar account. In addition, players can also browse their Cloud Blueprint Storage on the [My Profile] page of the MeStar website.

Restriction and Storage of the Blueprint

TypeRestrictionSize LimitAmountStorage

Local Blueprint


Open by [R] key




Cloud Blueprint

Logging into the game account and connecting to the Internet.

Jump to the [Cloud] page from the [Local] page.




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