The terrain in the MeStar game is composed of dozen of different geographical features generated randomly by terrain algorithms. It presents different landscapes under the rendering of light and shadow effects, cloud effects, day and night effects, etc.


Mountains are terrain at high altitudes, often with steep slopes or cliffs, and are common terrain in MeStar games.


Hills are typical terrain in MeStar. They are slightly higher than plains but not as high as mountains, so players can easily climb them up layer by layer without turning on the Flight mode.


A Desert is a kind of terrain with a sandy surface, including flat land, hills, rivers, lakes, and other height and hydrological changes. The smallest desert may only cover 30 blocks, but the largest desert may cover 1000 blocks.


Plains is the terrain with the highest generation probability in the MeStar game. It presents as broad flat grassland with abundant trees and flowers formed by blocks of grass, tree, and flower. Generally, the plain is generated between 60 and 68 blocks high.


Rivers are a kind of terrain feature generated frequently in the game, interlacing with plains, hills, deserts, and other landforms. Some rivers also change the width of the riverway to adapt to the surrounding environment.


The ocean is a vast water feature with a plane scope of more than 100 blocks. The bottom is made of sand, stone, soil, and other blocks to form submarine views


Islands are a kind of terrain generated only on the sea. Some islands are relatively close to land, while others are more than 1,000 blocks away.

Snow Mountains

The snow mountain is mainly formed at the top of the mountains. When the mountain height is close to the clouds, there is a great probability that the snow mountain feature will appear.

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